What are the first things I should teach the little puppy?

Train him to use his cage

Bring your puppy to spend time in his dog cage: it’s great to get him used to the house and cleanliness. When your puppy has adjusted to his new schedule, he will recognize the time of pee breaks and bedtime, which will make your life easier. Diana Lipari, who raises beagles and participates in the exhibitions of the American Kennel Club, recommends this to the owners of a first puppy: “Many people make the mistake of thinking that when their dog is six months old, they will be able to leave it. go freely in the house. All alone at home, he will be bored; he will need to do something … bite and destroy the couch, for example. It’s good that he learns to love his niche (dog cage), which is actually his home. Give him a reward every time he comes in and sometimes put food in his kennel. He will love her because she will be comforting to him.You can leave it there each time you go out, provided it is not for hours. “

Train him to cleanliness

All the dog club specialists we talked to told us about the importance of getting your puppy clean on arrival.Karen Wagner, who raises German shepherds, recommends this training first. Be firm. If your dog does not learn these rules while he is a puppy, he may not follow them when he is an adult. Niche, leash walking and positive reinforcement will work wonders when teaching your puppy to wait outside for his needs.

Puppy training: walking on a leash.

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