Treatment of colds naturally for ever

Colds are particularly troublesome health problems in the summer. To avoid infection, here are the successful strategies that allow you to avoid exposure to infection:

Catarrh: Regular cleaning of the nasal cavity

Viruses pass through our nasal mucosa, so the body’s defense system is alerted by changes in temperature and humidity. In order for the protective cells to be intact as well as the mucosa more resistant, the membrane must be removed in the nose, cleaning the nasal cavity once or twice weekly using a spray of seawater. 
The disease affects millions of people at the rate of once or twice a year. Symptoms include fever, runny nose and tiredness, and cause more than 100 different types of bacteria.
Often, the cold may go through contact with the infected person directly or by inhaling its polluted airborne droplets. Infection may also occur by the objects the patient touches, such as the hand of the door, or when toilet and other instruments are used, where the bacteria are sitting on it. When someone else touches his nose or eyes with his hands, the bacteria enter the body and attack the pharynx and nose and multiply.

To reduce your chances of getting colds, here are the following good practices:

Eliminate stress to avoid coldsEliminate stress to avoid colds

Catarrh: Avoidance begins by calming stress


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