Solve the problem of sprains during the sport exercise

Lauren Cain, Samuel Clemens High School senior, stretches to prevent injury during her early morning run at the Rambler Fitness Center on Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph March 12, 2012. (U.S. Air Force photo by Rich McFadden) (released)

Many people are excited to exercise, whether to maintain proper physical fitness or fitness, but the joints or spine may be an obstacle to achieving these wishes.

According to Care2, a new fitness program, Lageri, which is both light and active at the same time, has recently been deployed in the United States.

The program was designed by Sebastien Lager, a French-American expert and founder of Lager Fitness, which invented the device for the Lagerie fitness program, which helps to carry out drastic exercises on the joints and spine.

The new concept

The new fitness systems are based on a new concept of strengthening the body and improving the shape of the body through groups of exercises that are practiced slowly and without heavy loads.

The new concepts also focus on repetition rather than strength, speed and heavy loads, which primarily helps to protect the weak joints or spine problems. In addition, the slow muscle fibers give everyone a sporty appearance far from the magnitude of some programs Other fitness.

Smooth and smooth

The new trends in fitness systems and programs are characterized by a great deal of muscle-building. The resistance and sequence are changed sequentially but gently and smoothly.

The new programs are suitable for most trainees of different ages, but the trainer must be informed of any injuries suffered by the trainee in advance to ensure proper use of the modifications and gradation during training sessions.

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